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0011132: Bite->latch on->shake opens arteries even when the bite was deflected by armor and the teeth never reached flesh
"Bite->latch on->shake opens arteries even when the bite was deflected by armor and the teeth never reached flesh"

Plate armor can deflect.
Mail armor can't, but should maybe protect against this anyway (real world example: divers swimming with sharks use chainmail)

extract from combatlog.txt
Dwarf 12 bites Dwarf 222 in the right lower arm, but the attack is deflected by Dwarf 222's small copper right gauntlet!
Dwarf 12 latches on firmly!
Dwarf 12 shakes Dwarf 222 around by the right lower arm, tearing apart the right lower arm's muscle and bruising the bone and tearing apart the right shoulder's muscle and bruising the bone!
An artery in the right lower arm has been opened by the attack, many nerves have been severed, a ligament has been torn and a tendon has been torn!
2+ armored but un-armed dwarves in the arena, let them fight for a bit
look in the combat log
bite deflected by armor -> latch on -> shake -> opened arteries (random)
0.44.12, bite, combat
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not combatlog.txt
it is gamelog.txt
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The shaking doesn't "add to" the bite; it's a completely different damage vector. Vigorous shaking uses the target's own mass to put heavy strain on any connecting tissue (muscles, nerves, ligaments, and arteries). Similar damage in real life can be caused in Shaken Baby Syndrome and whiplash (neither of which typically involve a bite).

Often there is a size-dominance of shaker over shakee, but not always; a particular songbird uses shaking to subdue prey up to 200% of its own size:

https://www.geek.com/news/these-songbirds-use-brute-force-to-kill-prey-twice-their-size-1751373/ [^]

That being said, it is rather odd for one dwarf using his mouth to shake another dwarf's arm, but that is likely a result of limitations of the battle system AI. Overall, I'm unconvinced that this behavior rises to the level of "bug".