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0011174Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Thoughts and Preferencespublic2019-11-06 14:392021-12-01 10:23
LinuxArch Linux 5.3.7
0011174: Buffer Overflow When opening Thoughts and Preferences in PRINT_MODE:TEXT When Terminal Resoluion too large.
When PRINT_MODE:TEXT is enabled on dwarf fortress, and when the Current Terminal Resolution is too large, Opening Thoughts and Preferences of any dwarf will cause a buffer overflow, and cause the game to crash.
1. Open ./data/init/init.txt
2. Change the setting "PRINT_MODE:2D" to "PRINIT_MODE:TEXT"
3. Execute Dwarf fortress in your Terminal Emulator
4. Start the game in Fortress Mode
5. View Any Dwarf and Open Thoughts and Preferences
I have a 1440P monitor and I am using a rather small terminal font, witch could be contributing to the problem.
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2019-11-07 20:01   
I've tried to set up a ssh game session in maximized terminal emulator with 6pt font on 1080p monitor, everything seemed to work fine. If the problem persists and desribed properly, then there should be specific environment issues.
2019-11-22 09:27   
NZOLBE: How many columns wide, exactly, is your terminal emulator?
2021-11-12 20:01   
I've encountered a nearly identical issue - a buffer overflow that occurs on certain actions at high resolutions (embarking, viewing help pages, etc). Unsure if I should make a new report.

The error only seems to occur when the terminal is 260 columns wide (or above), and I haven't been able to trigger it by changing the vertical resolution.

Linux (Xubuntu 20LTS), XFCE terminal
2021-12-01 10:23   
That's the same issue - all of those actions open the same text viewer screen as "thoughts and preferences".

DF only currently supports resolutions of up to 255 (maybe 256) tiles in either dimension.