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0011193Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Generalpublic2019-12-16 06:372020-02-03 07:04
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0011193: Quarreler and Flatterer reputations seem unobtainable despite clear actions to get them.
When arguing or flattering histfigs during value arguments, they do not seem to acknowledge your character as a quarreler or flatterer when asking about yourself.
1. Start up adventure mode
2. Find an adventure mode npc and talk to them
3. State your values in such a way to start a value argument.
4. Either press the argument or flatter the histfig. Do this repeatedly... 25 times or something.
5. Eventually, ask the histfig what they'll think of you. They'll just think of you as a 'pleasure to speak with'.
Looking at this through dfhack, it seems that quarelling rep is build up... but it is one-sided. Flattering doesn't do anything for either side. The rep for 'you are a pleasure to speak with' does build.

I also took my adventurer to a fort of mine and kept on quarelling with one of the scholars there. Getting into fort mode, I then put the same adventurer to work in the library along side the scholar, because looking at their relationship screen, it was as if neither had ever met one another. After a year of working together, they still don't show up on each other's relationship screen.
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2019-12-19 06:29   
Apparently dwarves and adventurers are expected to have reputations across modes, if this has been damaged or regressively disabled then it might explain a lot of behaviour when this doesn't interpret itself into action either in mode or when changing from adventure to fortress and vice versa.

0009711 & 0008584 : Incompatible friend/grudges fortress only reputations, not carried through apparently as the user's example shows. And further issues actually within the modes of poor relationship development

0010101 & 0010321 & 0010346 : Lack of reaction to the adventurer's current reputation, or someone elses such as accused vampires & failing to ask for a identity gaining a intruder reputation from a hostile group instead of looping (last on the wiki link bottom for 'intruder')

0011164 & 0009995 : Dwarves or civilians generated freshly have no prior knowledge or attitude towards you or others, including hated groups used for quests like bandits. Including the negative reputation attached to bandits themselves.

0007161 & 0011112 : Morale fighting & correctly reacting to a opinion of the creature that is being killed & starting the fight under 'hunter', 'brawler' 'psychotic/villian' 'enemy fighter' 'hated group' and others.

(( wiki link to reputations: http://dwarffortresswiki.org/index.php/DF2014:Reputation [^] ))
2019-12-19 07:50   
I think the first two there are still primarily caused by dwarves' chat-radius being too small(or getting interrupted constantly by reorganized positions inside the taverns due to performances). Generated figures like adventurers and the starting seven are linked by the game so they don't feel so isolated.

The second set and third set are partially caused by the problem of inheriting information from their entities(this is kinda one of the things that requires the entity rewrite, amongst other things like having better ways of dealing with religions, as fotf implies.), the other part is 0011054, namely histfigs still having events misattributed to them.

I am unsure about the last set, it may indeed be related to this, but I haven't tried to reproduce either.
2020-02-03 07:04   
So, in .47 it's now possible to get the flatterer reputation by (failing) to flatter someone, but I am still unsure if the two actions here are not supposed to award reputation.