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0011278: All same-civ religions visible to a Monotheistic fortress at start
My fortress's religious composition being montheistic in all of my starting dwarves & 1st/2nd wave hardcoded migrants haven't introduced any more gods to my pantheon, as i can already see all of them worshipped by nobody, though organised religions are limited to my practicing monothestic dwarves.
Play 44.12, gods appear to allow the player to form shrines towards them only in relation to migrants and people upon the map who believe in those dieties.

Open up attached 47.01 save, fortress is entirely monotheistic despite a option of religions when making a new temple location zone and there have been no visitors prior to the merchants to bring religions into the fortress.

Starting a new fortress will have a screen of not worshipped or redundant gods your starting 7 do not believe in amongst those in which they do.
Provided save is the same as 0011277 's fortress since this is where it occured
(( http://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=14704 [^] ))

Strong religious following of Vakist sourcing the remaining migrants from the last 2 fortresses of my civilization may have made other dieties redundant. Some spheres appear to be foriegn, including death-sphere possibly sourced from a fortress that has dug too deep in relation to 0011262
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> "Play 44.12, gods appear to allow the player to form shrines towards them only in relation to migrants and people upon the map who believe in those dieties."

I recall no such limitation. In a trivial test immediately after embark (v0.44.12), I could designate a location/temple for eight gods, three with no worshipers according to the temple creation menu. Selection of an unworshipped god did not prevent establishing a temple. The same test in v0.47.01 revealed there are now more gods in the dwarven pantheon, and by extension more unworshipped gods at embark. Toady mentioned in the release thread that the game may be generating too many gods now, but I don't think hiding them from the player is the intended fix ( http://www.bay12forums.com/smf/index.php?topic=175434.msg8082510#msg8082510 [^] ).
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Then i must have reported it wrong then, in that case it'd be probably fine to resolve the issue report, beside the strange circumstances of monotheism making it look more exaggerated than it was.