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0011318Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Locationspublic2020-02-05 16:442022-12-22 06:35
0011318: (Request) Need way to see temple/guildhall petition status once they have been approved
There is currently no apparent way to see guildhall or temple petition statuses once you've accepted the petition to build them. And as announcements get flooded by job interruptions, whatever message was left by the petition gets erased. It should be possible to see what petitions for locations exist and who you still need to build locations for.

I have had 0000001:0000006 guilds form simultaneously and it's rather difficult to tell which petitions I have satisfied and what needs to be done for them to be completed. At least the guild hall assignment screen will tell you which guilds need a hall, but it still does not show which ones already have a hall.

As for temples, as soon as you approve the petition, the exact religion that needs to be used for the temple disappears into the ether, and the list of religions spans some 25 possible things that it could have been, making it impossible to tackle the problem by just dedicating random temples until you find the right one.
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2020-02-05 17:02   
Agreed on this - I ran into similar difficulties myself, more than once.
2020-02-05 17:34   
You can use the 'l'ocation screen to view the ones that already have halls.
2020-02-06 01:18   
This is similar to the pre-fix first edition of temples which exhibited no associated diety type ((attached forum post from 42.01)). At the moment i am personally relying on naming each location zone to keep track of which guild hall speciality is being followed but its less than optimal.

(( http://www.bay12forums.com/smf/index.php?topic=154197.msg6639084#msg6639084 [^] ))

More information to the player about anything, including reputation (pertinent to location attractiveness), associated outside entities etc, would be helpful.
2020-02-06 01:20   
Seperately petitions themselves are culled like on 0011277 so to have a log of them would mean having the nessecity to have dwarves remember or some sort of compromise of being made to forget in time.
2020-02-19 10:55   
Petitions do not seam to actually make an entry in the announcements either making this even more problematic. You can use locations to see if guild requests are pending as the hall type will be appended with a guild name. However temple ones don't do this or its possible if you have a temple assigned you can then not be sure which one is requesting you increase the value. This actually happened to me after reloading the game. I was requested to build a temple and assign a priest but then forgot which deity it was for.
2020-02-20 12:37   
This is a borderline suggestion, but since it significantly interferes with the new craft guildhall/temple features I'm leaning toward bug. Sorting the list of possible guilds/temples to place those with active petitions on top would be a fairly straightforward fix, I imagine.
2020-07-13 14:38   
Hello, just got this problem myself, I forgot about the petition so I just checked all the groups in the Temple creation screen and tried one that had over 10 members and didn't have a temple yet, and luckily it was the one. So I guess in theory any denomination with 10+ followers either already have asked for a private temple or are about to.

A way to know without jumping thru these hoops would be nice tho.
2021-02-19 09:04   
Agreed with Sergius. Build site, assign as meeting hall, and when assigning as a location it will ask you what group to assign it to. Information appears there for formed guilds, but doesn't specify if guild/group has location already
2022-12-22 06:35   
This is still relevant in the steam version 50.03. Like mentioned above, a way to see which professions have created a guild, which of those that have created a guild have had one assigned to them and also see who has requested one be constructed for them. Thank you!