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0011320Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Activity Zonespublic2020-02-05 19:152020-02-08 11:28
PCWindowsWindows 10
0011320: Dwarves filling ponds act unusually and produce lots of job cancel messages
When designating pond activity zones, dwarves assigned to fill them will constantly produce "[Urist McDwarf] cancels fill pond: Needs empty bucket" error messages. They appear to walk all the way back to the nearest stockpile and leave their bucket there, only for another dwarf to pick up the bucket and continue filling the pond, making the process extremely slow. May have something to do with having more pond zone tiles than available buckets.
Embark with 3 buckets (as default, I think), designate a stockpile that accepts furniture, and designate multiple pond tiles/pond zones.
Save at http://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=14735 [^] - pond designated at z= +1; watch the stockpile at z= -1 to see the dwarves constantly putting the buckets away.
64-bit OS, activities, buckets, job cancellation, pond
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You do have more pond zones than buckets, which is the source of some of the cancellation spam. You've also correctly identified that storing the buckets in the stockpile is preventing other dwarves from immediately using those buckets to fill the pond. What exactly is your preferred behavior? The dwarves immediately drop the buckets so other dwarves can take a turn filling the pond? If so, you only need to disable your bucket stockpile. Alternately, you could just make more buckets.

Any change to make this specific behavior "better" would likely result in other complaints ("Why do my dwarves leave their buckets by the pond only to walk back and store them later?", "Why do my dwarves keep cancelling 'Store item in stockpile' jobs?", "Why do my dwarves keep filling the pond to the point of exhaustion?", etc.).