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0011321Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- AIpublic2020-02-05 20:552020-02-07 03:33
Knight Otu 
0011321: NPCs in adventure mode won't stop hitting themselves.
I occasionally see conversations where someone will say they got in a fight with themselves. I think this may be contributing to a lot of the all out brawls I've been seeing break out in otherwise civil areas.
Play adventure mode and pay attention to some of the random conversations between NPCs. It seems random but I suspect it may be because they're not excluding themselves from certain checks.
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duplicate of 0006862acknowledged lethosor Siege Operator (to Clothier): In a time before time, I attacked me 
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This report looks like a duplicate of 0006862. See also the discussion of NPC knowledge at 0010346.
Knight Otu   
2020-02-07 03:33   
Thanks, Huntthetroll!