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0011341Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Character Creationpublic2020-02-08 16:402020-02-09 13:12
0011341: Adventurers Made At Player-Retired Fortress Are Always Atheist
When creating a character, if you set their home town as a previously made fortress that you have retired, there is no religion or deity available for Beliefs. This will fail with any race in the civilization.
0. Create a fortress
1. (Optional) - Dig out a temple and designate it for any deity or religion
2. Retire the fortress
3. Start making an adventurer and set their original home to be the now-retired fortress
4. Go to the Beliefs section, only available option is "None".
I'm guessing this bug is due to a lack of generated local population/religion information outside of world generation.

Save file provided here: http://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=14765 [^]

Fortress in question is "Tinplait", where I had dug out a temple.
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2020-02-08 17:59   
Does the religion have actual followers in your fortress?
Religious populations of sites are tracked now and it might be taking that into account when offering the available religions rather than the solely the presence of temple.
2020-02-08 19:24   
The initial 7 dwarves start out with deities, so I should have been allowed to have at least the deities that the inital 7 started with
2020-02-08 22:25   
(edited on: 2020-02-08 22:28)
Adventurers are given the option of the religion of their home site. Where they were born and raised.

Fortress dwarves aren't at their home site, they're out in the wilderness, their religion comes from wherever they're from.

What is the actual population of the religion you made your temple dedicated to?

Also, do your priests and temple show up on the exported religious map from Legends mode? That's a good way to check if the game's ignoring player fortress religious followers.

2020-02-09 04:29   
"Fortress dwarves aren't at their home site"!?! So I have to have a religious baby born at the fort before anything? X.X Idk what to do then because this seems pretty borked
Goblin Cookie   
2020-02-09 04:38   
It is not enough to have deities, you must have a organized religion in the site to choose a religion for your adventurer at present. I think that generic temples are still an option, you need to have a specific temple to a particular organized religion for adventurers to have beliefs.
2020-02-09 07:08   
That can't be the case either, my adventurers in worldgen sites could choose deities that didn't have local organized religions.
2020-02-09 10:52   
(edited on: 2020-02-09 10:53)
So I played a new fort, Silveryhand, a bit. There is a temple as well as children having been born in the fortress. If you retire, then start an adventurer, still no religious beliefs.

EDIT: Link http://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=14772 [^]

2020-02-09 12:36   
(edited on: 2020-02-09 12:37)
Curious - was there a petition for the temple, or did you build it on your own initiative?

2020-02-09 13:12   
Built on my own initiative, but I don't see why that would make a difference. I have many dwarves of many different faiths.