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0011352Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Thoughts and Preferencespublic2020-02-09 14:012020-02-11 08:03
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0011352: Same thought spam regarding single goblin death
After a siege of 5 goblins against my 78 population dwarf fortress I noticed my carpenter had a rather large thoughts screen. Atleast one of the goblin names being mentioned over and over, perhaps over a 100 times? (I have a screenshot, how to upload?) with the exact same wording.

I noticed shortly after the siege ended (within a month)

e.g. "He was horrified after seeing Kogan Swamrazords die. He was horrified after seeing Kogan Swamrazords die. He was horrified after seeing Kogan Swamrazords die. He was horrified after seeing Kogan Swamrazords die. "... over and over for a full 4-5 screens in addition to the usual stuff.

Checking a few other dwarves that were part of the sub-optimal defence strategy (randomly walking into the mayham) I can see the same trend; Atleast one goblin is mentioned several times with the exact same wording.
Due to the nature of the "bug"(?) I'm not sure how to reproduce, but these are the recent events:
Clean install on 0.47.02, no mods. World created on this version.
Have a siege, defend poorly with unarmed randoms.
Get visited by the dwarven caravan just as the siege ends.
Look at dwarf thoughts screen.
The siege was intensly laggy, up to a second delay between each tick (mostly less). Haven't had a siege for atleast a few real life years, don't know if this is normal now.
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0011194 could be regarded as relevant, in terms of identifying and feeling horror that was subsequently changed, large amount of teeth body parts at the time being recognised rapidly making dwarves stressed, and future morale tweaks on 47.01 onwards that orientated the response to bear more heavily on context (animal/person) and personality like temporary inebriation bravery in composure and response.

Could you provide a save post-siege or close as possible so that we can see the remains and your carpenter's thought screens etc to collect relevant information? The DFFD would be appropriate though not nessecary.
(( http://dffd.bay12games.com/ [^] ))
2020-02-11 08:03   
Uploaded a save file here:
http://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=14782 [^]

And a screenshot:
https://ibb.co/hfgspvD [^]

Reading the related tooth issue, this sounds very relevant to me. At one point I noticed two dwarves ganging up on an unconcious goblin. Dwarf 1 had gripped some rear upper right teeth of the goblin. Dwarf 2 had gripped som rear upper left teeth of the goblin. Shortly after I noticed a lot of teeth spread around that spot. T'was a glorious battle.