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0011356: No Visitors, Children, Babies being born, Petitions - Fixed by renaming folder
I got a bit of a weird bug here. Since 0.47.01 i have been problems getting visitors or children in migration waves. I've played 4 forts since 0.47.01 and had the problem 3 times.

So how i notice is that in the migration waves there are 0 children, which is weird enough. I also notice that my tavern or temple or anything get 0 visitors at all. Also i have no babies being born nor getting any petitions for guilds or temples.

I figured out what caused it to. The problem was that the folder where dwarf fortress is in is called df_47_02_win , like straight from the zip. When i renamed the folder to just dwarfort the bug was gone. Maybe its something that is only on my system.

Renaming the C:\Users\Captain_Duck\Downloads\Duckpack\Duckpack\df_47_02_win\ to C:\Duckpack\dwarfort\ fixed the problem. In reverse will probably cause it again.
Can see it in action during this stream.

https://youtu.be/GRHFert4aQI [^]

Note this is with my own made duckpack which is on DFFD: http://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=14777 [^]

However i have had this same problem during multiple streams, prolly because i just unpacked the folders without calling em dwarfort. Ive had it without any packs in the base release 0.47.01 version as well.
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2020-02-11 02:24   
So is the problem you say is attributed to files within a file? Given that you removed duckfort/duckfort/df_47_02_win.

DF does have systems where distance is accounted for, so setting up in desolate place or not having people who are interested in visiting your settlement (tavern has no reputation etc and is far to walk to) can attract no visitors as well as your civ being partially or fully extinct.
2020-02-11 02:41   
The actual tabbing out to change the settings starts to occur at 2:19:46 (this timestamp info should have really have been provided) on the five hours stream, of which changing around the names + changing the init to support TWBT corrected their pack and play experience.

Though normally third party tools have very little to nothing to do with the mantis bug-tracker and usually should be sent back to be discussed on the forums, other issue reports about relationships and visitors could be related if more could be found out about this.
2020-02-11 04:40   
I would have added that timestamp, but that is not where i fixed the problem. What i tried at that time with shortening the filepath did not work.

When i did some extra testing after the stream, specifically changing from \df_47_02_win\ to \dwarfort\ that seemed to fix the problem.

And also it isn't just with 3rd party tools, i had the exact same problem with the base release of 0.47.01 without any extras.
2020-02-11 09:03   
I seem to vaguely recall some sort of weirdness involving folder names, but that was a number of years ago, and on a different machine/OS.