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0011366Dwarf FortressMap Featurespublic2020-02-13 02:032020-02-13 02:03
0011366: Subterranean crops growing aboveground in dwarven-claimed towns/hamlets
I noticed a patch of red and gray ':'s on a ruined town in the fast travel map screen. It was apparently a field of sweet pods and pig tails growing on the surface. According to legends, the town was repeatedly attacked by necromancers throughout its history, and a dwarven group was the last to claim the site before it became its current abandoned state.

I found more of these instances in subsequent worlds, and can confirm that this exists in sites that still had dwarves living. Only tested in springtime so I just saw plump helmets, sweet pods and pig tails.
Create a world where dwarves have claimed a human hamlet or town. Travel to the site in adv mode.
Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/XyH5WzJ [^]
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