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0011367Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Sitespublic2020-02-13 11:552020-02-13 11:59
Inspiron 15 5000 LaptopWindows 1010.0.18362
0011367: Crash when approaching cave
In adventure mode, when approaching a site for a quest (driving a group from a cave), the game crashes. Happens when (T)raveling, or when approaching on foot, from around 3 or so tiles away on the big map.
I don't know if it's reproducible in a new world. I am able to do it again and again from the same world. Reloading a save, and also with a new save in the same situation (it crashed, and I hadn't ever saved that game, so I created a new character, started from the same location, did a lot of the same stuff (same companion, same initial quest, same second quest). I remembered to save that time, and, sure enough, when approaching the site for the second "quest" from my Lady (I started as a Hearthperson), the game crashed again. I didn't easily find any other caves in my current world to try with them, and I haven't created a new world specifically to try, so I can only give the report of reproducibility with the same cave from the same world, under similar circumstances.
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Correction: it was on the small, not large map (within the large map tile, as you approach the cave site, it switches to the smaller, and it is about three tiles from there)