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0011374Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Character Creationpublic2020-02-14 18:472020-02-14 19:23
0011374: The word "Simplicity" is inexplicably attached to the end of belief selection hint box
Odd one this.
On selecting a religion during Adventurer character creation, four of the Gods I can select from have the word "Simplicity" attached to the end in grey text for no apparent reason.
Never seen this before, so if it's not immediately apparent, use the linked save to see it.
http://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=14803 [^]

1) Choose a human adventurer from The Padded Kingdoms
2) Set your starting home to Praisepuzzle
3) Move to the beliefs menu
4) Scroll down to "Udir the kindness of saints", "Pak Eggstray", "Lucmen Beachnature" and "Team the Oracular Letter"
   Observe additional grey text variations on the phrase "of simplicity" in description window.
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And, as far as I can tell "simplicity" isn't a valid sphere, so no idea where it's pulling the word from.

One more observation:
Pak Eggstray has the glitch in his description if you follow the above procedure, but if you select a different home location where they also worship Pak Eggstray (such as Frostymark) his description doesn't have the glitch


Oh, and I've figured it out, it's just the long name of another God (Thuthu Dancefell the Cyclopean Embraces of Simplicity) showing through the hint box when there's no other text in the way. Nice trivial issue.