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0011387Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Thoughts and Preferencespublic2020-02-18 05:592021-02-13 15:06
0011387: Buzzards create vengeful thought spam interrupting repeating jobs
When a dwarf is interrupted by buzzard or a kea attempting to theive objects from a stockpile or a in-use/inactive trading depot where they are left in the open air, they will recieve a vengeful thought as the bird is driven off by the adverse fearful reaction to conflict to fly usually up two z levels, and immediately return again.

Ongoing repeating process accumulates mass stress within dwarves doing jobs like trading at the depot, dropping the objects being carried to/away from depot & stressing out traders & caravan guards. Pasturing jobs particularly from scared displaced animals needing to be pulled back accrue lots of stress until the buzzards move on or are destroyed.
Easily reproducible by having a pasture near to a open air depot in a biome with any of the item stealing or food devouring birds related flying through, ideally the same time a caravan has arrived.

Optional: A mock open air storage area near a pasture, and the jobs created from relocating the scared animals will repeatedly call dwarves & give them bad thoughts on the surface.

Optional: Observe the same behaviour in thieving land animals like Rhesus Maquaques and passiveness towards them by dwarves (excluding caravan guards)
A mainstay over 0000481 since the listed 0008479 wasnt re-opened as recommended on 0009076 by Detros.

Relevant attached picture from current version, save of fortress can be provided if asked for. (( https://puu.sh/FbUrd/ff9db11421.png [^] ))

Only present way to kill birds are to take poorly aimed pot-shots with militia dwarves, haven't attempted using tame hunting falcons or any other kind of flying pet who can make pursuit, they aren't always availible. To stop them alternatively requires a enclosed pathway with traps and a indoor or underground trading depot.

Dwarves ignore land based animals until they are sanctioned to be killed with squad controls with the same vengeful responses but always wish to destroy flying animals on sight. Regular land animals (Rhesus Macaques etc) with theiving attributes take goods from unguarded elf caravans freely with no fear or vengefulness from either party.
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2020-02-18 06:34   
Found the time to upload the save, the other claims (passive theiving land animals) are non demonstratable on it and anecdotally mentioned. Multiple instances of animal hauling interruption + stress, and a possibly faulty confrontation on part of the buzzard picking a fight with a caravan guard is on a supplied gamelog file also in the same save-zip.

Save: (( http://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=14823 [^] ))

Ducim Zanegreg (Ducim Relicgloves) pictured can be found on the surface hauling the yaks he and other dwarves have been trying to control away from the buzzards.
2020-02-18 07:20   
May not be the same repeatable circumstance, but afterwards of playing my save again and experiencing more interruptions, trader Cerol Mozibkel (Cerol Swallowmetals) walked a few tiles out of my depot haggard with the descriptor 'sunk into depression' towards a pond and stopped to land on the floor motionless but alive

The guard shadowed him to stand ontop of his tile, if traders weren't bugged anyway i think he would have followed them into the pond to drown too. 0007619
Attached Image (( https://puu.sh/FbWiP/896b1e23a0.png [^] ))
2020-02-21 04:56   
Another follow up save, more interruptions by buzzards who had returned in the following year and were mass-disrupting efforts to build a enclosed area so that the merchants felt safer leading to some interesting behaviour of trader pack animals breaking rank and crawling to a higher z level.

Save (( http://dffd.bay12games.com/submit.php?action=message&fid=14845 [^] ))
2020-02-21 04:59   
Some dwarves were apathetic to the buzzard fights, but if people they care about (entity members broadly) or direct friends are involved with the incorrectly set inaccessible fight, certain individuals who weren't interrupted on gamelog have vengeful thoughts from afar like 12 year old adult Lorbam Osharoslan (Lorbam Webwind) currently doing 'make believe' still in a child routine who hasn't left the dormitory where he transitioned.

Taking into consideration Toadys comments about incorrectly implicating direct murderers through only marginal contact like 0011363
2021-02-13 15:06   
Made less severe in 47.05's patch summary and changes, fixed in a considerable way even if still a little disruptive.