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0011408Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Buildingspublic2020-02-22 15:312020-03-23 10:53
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0011408: Statues in worldgen buildings can be made of dubiously appropriate materials, possibly including liquids
In adventure mode, I've occasionally encountered statues in worldgen buildings that are made of various kinds of soil, such as clay or sandy clay. I didn't realize that this could be a bug until today, when I came across a pool of "milk of lime" on the floor of a worldgen temple. With no NPCs around that could have dropped the liquid, and no way for a player character to create this substance in adventure mode, I can only speculate that the game generated this temple with a statue made from milk of lime, which instantly collapsed into a pool when loaded into the local map.
Visit buildings with statues in adventure mode and examine the statues.
0.47.03, 0.47.04, adventure mode
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2020-02-22 15:43   
This bug applies to pedestals as well; I just came across a pedestal made of yellow sand.
2020-02-27 09:19   
In the same world, I just came across a statue made of milk of lime, which somehow has not collapsed yet.

I should note that this world was generated in version 0.47.02.
2020-03-08 20:08   
I figured out what causes statues made of liquid materials to collapse.

It's rain.
2020-03-23 10:51   
I believe I have seen this as well: a pedestal made of yellow sand and a statue made of Siliceous Ooze.
Im not really sure if you can carve siliceous ooze IRL but I suspect not.
The world was 0.47.04