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0011419: Judicial beatings, tantrums, and other "expected" violence sometimes cause loyalty cascades
I've noticed loyalty cascades have started happening in my fortresses since 0.47 released. I've had a very hard time tracking down where they are starting due to announcement spam. I noticed that both of these behaviors have been sources, but I doubt that these are the only two "inherent" dwarf behaviors that cause loyalty cascades. In all cases, this leads to tens of deaths in the fort out of nowhere and is crippling due to the loss of dwarfpower and overwhelming amounts of negative thoughts generated by combat and dead bodies.
1. Pick a rookie captain of the guard that's prone to tantrums
2. Arm and armor them
3. Send them into the refuse stockpile
4. Watch as they become homicidal at the sight of severed body parts and teeth
5. Wait for them to start tantruming
6. Let them kill some random civilian in the middle of your fort
7. Observe your dwarves and tamed animals drop what they're doing to have at each other
I'm not sure if this is the appropriate category for this report. There's no "Dwarf Mode - Loyalties" or similar category.
loyalty cascade
related to 0011046new  Loyalty cascade after a tantrum fist fight with a dwarven visitor 
related to 0003259new  Loyalty cascade after ordering squad to attack were-citizens, merchants/traders, guards, or liaison 
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Comparable to 0010861 in 44.12 for a direct comparison on the expected response of beatings not being a big deal (outside of obviously the guard not doing the correct thing in that instance which might have angered someone but didn't) between versions to your detail of events.

A save wherein before (guard going to start a beating, to follow and watch), during, or shortly after would be helpful if you could upload to DFFD or some accessible download mirror. Tantrumming i would expect to be natural but still a little overloaded without the changes prescribed by Toady within 0011363 , any save of any event related to the issue would be helpful.

DFFD site ( http://dffd.bay12games.com/ [^] )

2020-02-26 16:03   
I'll try to remember to save before the next time a beating is issued.
2020-02-27 22:11   
It's also worth noting I didn't have any visitors, so this couldn't be an instance of 0011046.
2020-02-29 21:52   
Could this be tagged as "Needs Review?" I think it may be related to 0011363, but I don't have anything except my intuition to support it.
2020-03-01 02:35   
This seems to be resolved, or at least improved, in 47.04.

I have a save with a loyalty cascade in progress, with one dwarf dead and a dozen in the hospital.

In 47.03 the cascade continued until about a dozen dwarves or more were dead, including one long term resident charging into the hospital to finish some unconscious foes off.

In 47.04 the fighting continues, and a few new combats are started, but it quickly tapered off with only one more dead.
2020-04-21 14:25   
Im adding to this list.

Just had a goblin siege and cleaning up the dead bodies made many dwarves stressed, which caused tantrums, which eventually affected guests, and now I've got a whole page of reports of fighting and an increasing body count.