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0011421: Dwarves cursed by the gods suddenly don't perform any more labors
I had a miner tantrum in a temple and get cursed by the gods to be a "putrid one." They were mining and doing labors for several seasons. Then the dwarf spent their entire life standing in the middle of the temple, refusing to perform any labors. I expelled them once I realized this.
I have not tried to reproduce this, but I suspect watching a dwarf tantrum in a temple, dedicated to a god, with statues, would reproduce the "cursed by the gods" part of this report.
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2020-02-26 15:52   
That sounds like they got transformed into an intelligent undead, which are very buggy in their own right.
2020-02-26 16:06   
If they were undead wouldn't they be opposed to life? They seemed to be doing okay in the fort until they stopped working.
2020-02-26 17:03   
Please post a save. "Cursed to be a putrid one" doesn't sound like any vanilla god curse I've heard of.

Now, if a "putrid one" is a Building Destroyer class undead thing, then yeah, that's a known bug fixed for 47.04. Generally seen when building destroyer experiments visit. They stand around talking to no-one and occasionally smash something.
2020-02-27 22:08   
I do not have that save file anymore. If I get another dwarf that gets cursed like this I will post the save. This happened running vanilla 0.47.03. I think it might be a new form of curse. I got a pop-up and zoom to the temple when they got cursed. The dwarf kept the same icon (☺), but the color of it changed to teal. Under the 'u'nit tab I believe the dwarf was listed as "Urist McLastname, dwarf putrid one Miner".