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0011428: IT_CANNOT_HAVE_SYNDROME_CLASS doesn't work on the raising interactions
When targeting a corpse for necromancer-style raising effects, IT_CANNOT_HAVE_SYNDROME_CLASS won't prevent appropriate corpses from being targeted. It can possibly be assumed that it's intended behaviour, since creatures presumably lose their active syndromes when they die. However, the fact that this token is used in the game's lieutenant raising abilities suggests that it is intended to extend beyond death. It can be assumed that from the interaction's forbidden syndrome classes, necromancers shouldn't be able to raise the bodies of vampires, werebeasts, ghouls, etc. as lieutenants, but currently can be because of this.
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I should probably add that other syndrome-added things are ignored by interaction target filters as well, if that's relevant. e.g. the corpse of a creature granted NO_AGING through a syndrome can still be targeted by an interaction with [IT_FORBIDDEN:NO_AGING]. (Again, presumably because syndromes must stop counting when the creature is dead).