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0011436Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Thoughts and Preferencespublic2020-03-03 11:142020-03-03 16:03
0011436: Dwarves en-mass rush and fistfight combat to fill needs
Dwarves put up their dukes and will run a considerable distance to the source of combat with a vengeful thought through the stress & need tweaks applied in 47.03 (and prior subtly affecting background behaviour) to self motivate them in that direction compared to dwarves who are already fufilled in those spheres or uninterested.

The needs fufilled by vengefully attacking animals with unarmed brawling quarter (and unspecified- punching people) are 'Troublemaking' 'Helping People' 'Exitement' 'Practicing a Martial Art' spread across personalities; It is widely appealing as a result to dwarf psyche and drunkeness.
Have a annoying land animal like a Grey langur appear that can take a beating on the surface preferably in a group, and allow bored dwarves to path to it after designating it to be killed close to where dwarves are. Or open save and notice all the people out currently fighting the with no present designations upon the langurs and vengeful new conflict & existing conflict thoughts.

Thikut Idenonol Expedition leader (Thikut Paddlemountains) in the save has a bright green need fufilled in helping someone with multiple conflict joining thoughts to seperate out needs expressed through the form of fighting from unusual ones usually only gained through transporting dwarves to hospital beds or giving water.

Alternatively pit a animal and start a dwarven fight-club by allowing civilian dwarves to path to it and knock it around until it passes out on the floor in brawling quarter combat and read-out the needs afterwards.
May contribute to loyalty cascades because every dwarf for themselves selfishly punches someone to fufill their need, then start a new loyalty cascade or joins the existing one alongside what people have been reporting that the violence has been still explosive.

Save: (( http://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=14889 [^] ))
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2020-03-03 11:35   
Dwarves coming out to fight spontaneously started as soon as 40.xx tavern arc was implemented, also alongside neutrality or passiveness to creatures including intelligent [LARGE_PREDATORS] like building destroying trolls being able to crush workshops with impunity infront of the dwarf's face with desinating to kill them being a specific trigger.

0006666 & 0010031
2020-03-03 13:57   
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Also of note beyond the save in my own play-session Besmer Ritkesal (Besmar Cutshot) Cook, has a personality of cowardice being compensated by martial-art respect, being one of the first dwarves to charge out and be fufilled with bare knuckle brawling. (both values show in related thought screen photo)

However once their initial conflict with the Giant Rhesus was concluded after recieving a bite wound and much kicking & punching xp in the process, they have reverted to a fearful personality while doing fortress jobs again and are running away from conflict with vengance quickly changing to terror.

Related Image (( http://puu.sh/FgRNW/0217d36e01.png [^] ))

Goblin Cookie   
2020-03-03 15:25   
This may be related instead to the tendency of companions to attack animals that are not hostile but yet are also not [BENIGN]. This may have nothing to do with needs at all.
2020-03-03 16:03   
I can't speak for the experience of adventure mode but fist-fights particularly amongst goblins against trolls are very common anyway, goblins themselves having a lot of negative traits related to violence. And if these needs are expressed this way then your companions needing to express their brawling would service a satisfactory explanation on their interpretation of the wildlife encounter as a free opportunity.

0011434 0007511 0003685 regarding goblin infighting in and out of adventuremode, though the latter precluded the needs system and used archaic [LIKES_FIGHTING]