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0011471Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Tradepublic2020-03-25 15:532020-03-25 15:53
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0011471: Merchants bugged out
Attempted to move a caged troll to the trade depot. Upon arrival, it leaves its cage (as they usually do when not domesticated), and the merchants and their guards attack it. After murdering the troll, the merchants and guards stand in place, being only a few squares away from the trade depot. The game no longer recognizes them as being available to trade, and they do not move back to the depot itself. Eventually, the embark message appears, but the merchants still haven't moved. Save/quitting the game did not reset any part of the state, so it's possible they're stuck there now in their new homes.
It looks like causing the merchants to fight something near the trade depot, but not leaving the general vicinity of the depot may cause them to get stuck.
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