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0011480: Human Diplomat leaves upset the moment they appear on the map
In the save linked below, human merchants will arrive on the 14th of the month. The moment they do, the "A diplomat has left unhappy" screen appears. Trying this a couple of times shows that regardless of where the merchants choose to appear, the diplomat will always leave the moment he arrives.

There's no beasts on the map, no obstacles blocking tracking, nothing scary going on. The expedition leader is happily mining, not injured or off-map or anything. The rest of the merchants head happily up to the trade depot.
Open save, wait about 10 days (dorfs are happily doing their own thing, leave them be).

Tested twice after initial occurrence, seems to happen every time (regardless of where the wagon appears on the map)

http://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=14972 [^]
Announcements indicate the appearance of a human caravan and a human "head treasurer" (one of the new human trade diplomat types).
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Have received human diplomats successfully in the past, so it's something going on in this save specifically.

Hmm. After some digging in Legends:
The human Head treasurer in question was born and raised a goblin, lived with them for years until she was inexplicably made head treasurer of the human civ one day.
She has a bunch of goblin childhood friends (as does her mother, Lady of a goblin group.)
Her grandmother was a merchant from a human civ who traded with the goblin dark fortress for several years before deciding to move there for no particular reason.

Might be related.