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0011485Dwarf FortressUndeathpublic2020-03-29 16:172020-05-10 09:15
0011485: Werebeast victims raised as intelligent undead transform instantly
As the title implies, victims of a werebeast who are raised by a necromancer are instantly transformed into a werebeast intelligent undead. This also triggers some strange loyalty cascades between the werebeasts, the necromancer, and everyone inbetween.
Basically, you get infinite boosted werebeasts that are still aggressive, since they retain their alignments, and it just instantly snowballs out of control, sometimes the necromancer fights them sometimes they fight with them for no reason.

There's also the issue with werebeasts arriving as visitors, which I've never heard of but I guess it makes enough sense for them to do so. It's just that the game doesn't even send the usual notification, it just shows up in the logs like the citizen werebeasts.

It could very easily be a feature, but might as well report it just in case.
Set up a tavern, wait until a necromancer comes as a visitor, wait until a werebeast comes as a visitor too. No idea if that's possible but it sure as hell happened to me.

I did have a lot of werebeasts in the fortress though. Locked them up years ago after some werebeast attacks proper. Idk if that can lure were-visitors or if it's unrelated.
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Might be tricky to obtain, but a save would really help this report as it relies on a big bunch of factors coming together perfectly. Not something any volunteer bug report checkers are going to have the time to do (probably).
2020-05-10 09:15   
I can confirm this issue. I have a necromancer dwarf citizen who happened to be outside when a werebeast attacked my fort. Reanimation just caused massive chaos. Anyone who was bitten and died was reanimated->transformed into werebeasts. These undead werebeasts began attacking my citizens as well as each other.

Save: http://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=15065 [^]