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0011495Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Militarypublic2020-04-06 11:012020-04-06 11:01
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0011495: Migrant from retired fort keeps military status, tries impossible job
Had a fortress, "retire for time being" it, started a new fortress in that world. Never had a military in new fortress: No squads, no one appointed militia commander.

See a dwarf with "soldier (no reachable valid target)" job. Dwarf Therapist lists job as "no job(-3)", and if I sort by military status that dwarf falls into "military (off duty)" category but does not show a squad assignment

Appoint militia commander, go to create squad screen so I can check the position/candidates screen.
In position screen, that dwarf has "Squad: The Cobalt Bolts" and "No orders"
That squad name is from the old fortress, no squad by that name in new fortress.

I now add the dwarf to the new squad, squad is not activated, dwarf now shows "no scheduled order" on military screen.
Unpause game and dwarf immediately changes to job "drink". Not sure how long he was standing around before I noticed. Seems fixed.
Create fortress, assign dwarves to military in that fortress
Retire fortress for the time being
Create new fortress
Wait for a migrant who was in military in the retired fortress
See if they try to do military things, see if they are still listed as being in their old squad
latest version of Windows
df 0.47.04
therapist 41.1.5
no mods other than dwarf therapist
dwarf was a legendary(20) observer
dwarf name "endok kubukmuthir"
Obvious next steps to test are: does the squad need to be active when retiring the fort, in the middle of a kill or station or training order, or is just being in a deactivated squad enough. Does a dwarf in this state just stand around and dehydrate if you don't force them out of the state (wondering since his first job after fixing was to drink)
Have a backup saved when I noticed this happening, can relearn how to upload it if that would help.
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