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0011510Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Eating/Drinkingpublic2020-04-16 16:022020-04-18 09:34
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0011510: Entire Fortress Stopped Drinking after Guest sent to Hospital during (frozen river) Winter
Two guests were sent to the hospital during winter when all accessible water sources were frozen.

I was busy saving a couple miners due to miscalculating a mine shaft (channeling) and dropped two of them into the caverns that had a roaming forgotten beast. They did not have a direct route so I mined and walled my way back to safety.

I jump back to my main floor and every single unit was thirsty. I had 15 drinks left (population of 106) and began producing more, but done of them drank.

I removed the hospital zone (the injured units could still walk) and finally everyone began drinking again.

In an attempt to reproduce, I recreated the hospital zone and Couger Man limped his way back to the bed, but everyone continued to drink.
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Update: I think this a different issue, or not an issue. Im down to 15 drinks in a new 0000036:0000100 unit civ. Everyone is running up to the river to drink and the 15 drinks is very slowly decreasing. Going to guess it's because one dwarf can claim a barrel at a time.