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0011527Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Embark/Setuppublic2020-04-26 02:282020-04-26 02:28
0011527: DF's aquifer indication doesn't acknowledge aquifers in SW half of world tiles
The aquifer indicator (mostly*) correctly shows aquifers at and to the NE of the (0, 0)- (15, 15) line of Mid Level Tiles within a world tile, but to the SW of that line it never shows any aquifer, even though the geo biome is the same, the biome is the same, the soil depth is the same, and an embark definitely finds an aquifer.

Present since 0.47.01. I don't think it existed prior to that.
These steps aren't necessary, but provide a clear illustration of the issue.

Generate any world. Find a single biome world tile without soil erosion (i.e. not at a high elevation) with (very) deep soil and no clay. All Mid Level Tiles in such a location should have an aquifer (either heavy or light) running through the lower (two) soil level. Reduce the size of the embark rectangle to 1*1 and move it to the NW corner. It should display an aquifer. Move the rectangle 1 MLT south, and the aquifer is gone. East it reappears, South again and it disappears again. Repeat down to the SE corner. Check all the tiles in the SW half and all the tiles in the NE one, and see that the SW half has no aquifers displayed, while all of them in the NE half have aquifers.
Mostly*: It's known (and reported in other bug reports) that DF doesn't account for soil erosion when reporting aquifers and clay. At the other end of the spectrum, deep metals and flux are reported when present in the geo biome, even if the SMR cutoff causes those layers to actually not be present in the embark.
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