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0011544Dwarf FortressGeneralpublic2020-05-15 03:522020-05-16 01:09
Windows 10
0011544: Fortress mode CTD 3-6 times in one evening.
I'm playing Fortress mode with LNP and Dwarf Therapist. As the Fort gets older (4-5 years) CTDs happen very frequently - many between seasons.

Play game, game crashes. Start again from last save.
Forts aren't too big (70-90 dwarves) with visitors set low and sieges often.

And I'm playing on a reasonably grunty laptop.
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2020-05-15 06:59   
You know it's absolutely impossible to just guess the problem, right? Your game crashes, others don't.
Search crashes here at the tracker, you'll find a couple of known ones. Searching for materials in the manager in large worlds, save corruption due to raiding equipment errors, refusing artifact requests has been know to crash too.

If you have a save just before a guaranteed crash someone will be able to work out what it is that's crashing.

And switch off all your mods, of course.
2020-05-16 01:09   
I had to give up a fortress due to very frequent crashes as well, but didn't write a bug report because of the failure to repeat it consistently. Starting the same save over and over again caused DF to crash after a minute, about 15 minutes, and continue for a season. I never use the manager, and am unable to run fortresses long enough to actually send off a raid (the last fortress was already raid equipment corrupted by something (bugged "friendly" former members of performance troupes accepted for residence?) when I was just doing a sanity check before preparing to send out the first one).