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0011550Dwarf FortressWorld Generation -- Theftpublic2020-06-02 08:042020-06-02 10:02
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0011550: Artifacts successfully stolen by villians disappear when said villian is killed.
Artifacts stolen and delivered to criminal bosses via Villans conspiracies cannot be recovered via fort mode.
Killing the criminal (with the stolen artifacts equipped on the criminal) in their home with a fresh embark on top does not drop the artifacts.
Artifacts are visible on the artifact list, cannot be seen on stocks, cannot be hauled. Can be claimed / forbidden via artifact menu.
-Wait until artifact from fort has been claimed and successfully stolen via villians plot
-Retire fort
-Start a new fort on villian hideout/cave
-Create a militia squad of 7 wrestlers
-Locate villian and kill the villian
-Drops everything in inventory except stolen artifacts.
Artifacts are stolen from two different forts. There were attempts to steal said artifact almost twice a year. Tried to locate it via adventurer but couldn't navigate to the goblin. ( Hideout goes down to first cavern layer, first second, third cavern layers are connected to magma sea with a magma shaft ). Started a fort on top of the cave. Tried embarking on the location three times ( not saving the game before quitting after killing the villian ). It produces the same result.

Using PeridexisErrant's DF Starter Pack, May 15 for Dwarf fortress version 0.47.04
World generated with 0.47.03
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2020-06-02 10:02   
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Update. Used gui/gm-editor as recommended from the forum. Upon death of villian, artifact drops to a random X Y Z location on map. Both were below glowing pits level. Temperature data was all set to 0 automatically.

After repositioning artifacts and playing with their tags, one became haulable on a pedestal but not interactable otherwise, other one got destroyed when I set all tags same as an artifact on the floor made unbugged on another fort. I think it was due to melting point set to 0. I didn't make that change.

Retraced all the steps. Set a temperature data from another artifact. Resulted in an artifact uninteractable via "k" menu. After placing and removing from an altar resulted with an interactable artifact.