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0011551: Kobold villain
"Pluluthrilus Kobold Animal Dissector damned zombie" visited my fresh fortress. DFHackery revealed that he was on a villainous mission to infiltrate society sent by a master, presumably the necro who raised him.

As predicted, the "You can learn more about this visitor after they chat with a local" doesn't go away, given that kobolds aren't able to speak properly. For some reason he's read two books, which ought to be beyond the comprehension of a creature that can't speak anything but gibberish. I doubt I'll be able to see if he actually manages to corrupt anyone (which shouldn't be possible, given his communications skills).

Any "villainous plots" intelligent undead ought to be able to engage in should be the same as those they'd be capable of while alive, and that shouldn't really differ from normal kobold behavior in this case, i.e. trying to sneak in to steal items. They ought not to be able to operate as villain subordinates.
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