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0011555: Quester entering inaccessible part of embark locks up meeting queue
I built a wall around the evil tile of my embark as a protection against evil rain, connecting the wall to the edges with raised drawbridges. Visitors nevertheless enter that part of the embark and eventually succumb to the deadly syndrome rain, but it can take quite a while.
I had a quester enter this area and display "attend meeting" for several months before I used DFHack to kill him in order to unblock the meeting queue to allow for actually visiting visitors to petition for residency.

Ironically, the artifact the quester would demand was in the same walled off area as he was in, on the corpse of a previous visitor (the determination that the visitor was a quester and that this specific artifact was the target was determined using DFHack inspection of data structures).
I doubt a save would be of any value, as the important information is the process by which the quester managed to decide to enter the meeting queue despite there being no path to the fortress or expedition leader. It's theoretically possible the quester could have seen the expedition leader gather fruit up in a tree (on the other side of the wall), but given that the quester seemed to keep to the edge it's doubtful he'd been close enough to get in visual range.
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