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0011565Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Visitorspublic2020-06-21 21:062021-02-08 04:36
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0011565: Necromancer visitor is shown as "Necromancer", even though legends log says he's disguised
A "Poet Necromancer" named "Dopod Dimpleblunt" shows up at the fort. After quitting the game and viewing the fortress in legends mode, I see

In late spring of 251, the dwarf necromancer Onul Giltticked fooled The Solitary Furnaces into believing he was "the poet Dopod Dimpledblunt of The Tenacious Crafts"

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2020-06-21 23:57   
He was introduced as Dopod Dimpleblunt of The Tenacious Crafts Poet Necromancer, rather than Urist McNecro, Poet Necromancer.

Disguises currently cannot hide various undead conditions (necromancer, vampire, intelligent undead), or experiment (which ought to be tricky, given that they don't even resemble any normal race).
In the case of undead, there's also the extra issue of them being able to operate without body parts that are necessary for living creatures.
2021-02-08 02:12   
I think I encountered the same bug. I received the following message: "Fikod Ledmonom, Dwarf Scholar Vampire is visiting."

It doesn't show his vampire status in the Units screen.
2021-02-08 04:36   
That's a different bug (0009719). Necromancer visitors have been stopped (kind of, although not 100% apparently).