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0011578Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Displaypublic2020-07-08 06:162020-07-08 06:19
Windows 7
0011578: Enemies Killed Specifically Don't Rise Kill List
If you kill something by dragonbreath your kill list won't expand. I also webbed some enemies and killed them while they were webbed and they also weren't on my kill list.
1. Play as character that can breath fire or spread thick webs.
2. Melt someone with dragonfire or web someone and than beat to death.
Does not always but often happen with webs. Killed characters don't seem to respawn after fast travel.
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Alright, it seems like web doesn't really cause not raising kill counter. If enemies die to bleeding it won't raise. It only rose in my cases upon strucking down enemies.

My character also becomes horrified upon seeing someone die they killed besides of having no altruism and being completely hostile to people.

Forget what I say about fast travel. Creatures inhabiting places do respawn.