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0011592Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Non-dwarf Citizenspublic2020-07-16 05:362020-07-25 00:29
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0011592: Gremlin citizens can't reproduce, because they don't form normal social relations
My double size gremlins (raw change to allow them to wear kobold clothes in order not to go insane before petitioning and being able to produce clothes) won't marry, because they don't form any social relationships with each other. They form animal bonding relationships with others, but subjecting them to nuptial encouragement suite treatment (after checking for sexual preferences and willingness to marry) doesn't lead anywhere. After several months they still don't have each other in their relations lists.
The gremlins were hacked to completely tame as their petitions were accepted, as gremlin citizens rate retraining to be below any hauling job in priority. I've also hacked the number of gremlins in proximity (there was one originally, and that was in the 3:rd cavern only) to get possible breeding pairs.

There were a fair number of others hacks as well, but I don't think any of them has anything to do with gremlin behavior.

Given that this affects the niche case of gremlins only in vanilla, I don't expect this bug to be fixed, but rather post it as a reminder of yet another issue to look out for when animal people (and gremlins) are revisited and reworked.
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Anecdotally let them drink in the most relevant & recent version of the game's tavern as the new behavioural code with only each other and the tavernkeeper to keep company should solicit they stand close & speak to each other, as the inebriation will loosen up many regular dwarves as to when they meet their future partners and friends in this enviroment.

I have no gremlins in my fortress personally because they are difficult to obtain, and notoriously buggy to upkeep with animal training & behaviour on advice of following up your other reports & forum comments but i wish you luck.
2020-07-25 00:29   
I don't think a tavern keeper would change the results, as nuptial encouragement suites contain booze as well as constant socializing with the intended partner. In those they chat and socialize, but they don't create any relationships with each other anyway.