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0011604Dwarf FortressGeologypublic2020-08-13 15:312020-08-14 14:29
0011604: Cast obsidian destroys constructions
Unlike ice, obsidian doesn't store what the original tile was before the obsidian formed. If there was a construction on the tile, such as constructed stairs, it isn't restored after the obsidian is mined.

The item the construction was made out of will continue to exist in limbo on the stocks screen, until another construction is built and removed on the tile, causing both materials to reappear after deconstruction.
1. Build a construction that allows fluid to pass through it.
2. Apply water and magma.
3. Confirm that the built material still exists on the stocks screen and zoom leads to original location.
4. Dig out obsidian.
5. Reconfirm step 3.
6. Build another construction on the spot.
7. Confirm both items on the stocks screen lead to the spot.
8. Deconstruct the new construction.
9. New and old items are returned.
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