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0011606Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Environmentpublic2020-08-20 07:282020-08-21 14:56
0011606: Valley herb not harvestable
Dwarfs spend time harvesting valley herbs, yet never produce anything. Herb is not consumed in the process, meaning that dwarf can and will spend very long time trying to harvest it over and over again.
1, Embark on map featuring Valley herbs (temperate grassland, dry)
2, Issue plant harvesting job on Valley herb
3, Dwarf will spend time harvesting, yet always return empty-handed

It is possible to set gathering zone around the herb. In such case, dwarf will spend whole season trying harvesting the plant until it dies in summer.
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Not every temperate grassland contains valley herbs - I just tried one and there weren't any.

Could you upload a savegame to DFFD exhibiting this problem, or at least provide some reliable instructions to reproduce it (e.g. including worldgen parameters+seeds and an embark location)?