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0011622Dwarf FortressWorld Generation -- Generalpublic2020-09-13 05:242020-09-13 05:24
0011622: Brook generated in Ocean biome with Z-level issue
On a 6x6 embark with a Woodland biome next to an Ocean biome which happened to have a "receded tide line" I noticed the Ocean biome had generated with a brook that flowed back towards the land.

Since there was a 3 Z-level difference between the floor of the Ocean biome and the Woodland, the brook was on a raised sand cliff. The bottom two levels were solid sand and the top level was a sand lip bordering the brook.

Due to the "source fingers" of the brook spreading out into the Ocean biome, the water immediately cascaded off onto the sand, causing a large waterfall effect over 2 Z-levels.

I would not expect brooks to generate at all in an Ocean biome and certainly not with the 3 Z-level difference.
Search for an embark with a River that is on the edge of an Ocean biome where the Z-levels are relatively flat.
Image : http://www.dcoffey.co.uk/images/dwarffortress/RiverOnSea.jpg [^]

Save at Embark : http://www.dcoffey.co.uk/images/dwarffortress/region1.7z [^]

Image is a montage of 4 panels from Stonesense.

I cannot show the pre-embark tile on the world embark map since it now shows my settlement. There is a second brook just to the east which also generates in the Ocean biome.
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