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0011626Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Militarypublic2020-09-14 11:002023-03-23 19:39
0011626: Bedrooms assigned to squad members dont reassign after the squad returns from a mission
If you send out a raid and the squad members go outside the map, bedrooms that were manually assigned to the squad members become free, and they still remain "free" when the squad returns, which means the player has to manually reassign the bedrooms every single time they return from a mission.
Make a bedroom, assign a squad member to the bedroom, give a mission to the squad, wait till they come back. The bedroom is free.
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It should also be noted that when the rooms are removed from the dwarf going on the mission, it is also removed from any partner who shares the room, and I have not seen that partner reclaim any other room while the mission dwarf is away, so it may also render the partner who does not go on the mission roomless until the room is manually reassigned.
Edit to add: I observed this happening in v50.07