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0011629Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Justicepublic2020-09-22 16:432020-10-12 04:35
Knight Otu 
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0011629: Law Enforcement will interrogate recently deceased suspects
Nothing will stop the law dwarf from completing his sworn duty of interrogating a suspect once the order is given, not even something as trivial as the suspect's demise. If a suspect meets an unfortunate accident while the law is on the way, the law dwarf will instead make their way to the suspect's corpse, stand over it a sec, then walk alone back to their office to interrogate thin air. After the normal interrogation time passes, a normal interrogation report will be issued, which, in this case was able to reveal the recently deceased suspect was traveling under a false name (I guess he was carrying an ID in his wallet which was found after his death).
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duplicate of 0011399confirmed Knight Otu Dead suspects confess to crimes 
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Can confirm, usually happens with me when interrogating thieves who meet accidents while stealing artifacts.

Looks like a duplicate of 0011461b and 0011399

Knight Otu   
2020-10-12 04:35   
Thanks, eniteris. I'll mark this as a duplicate of 0011399.