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0001163Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Displaypublic2010-04-14 14:302014-07-27 13:51
Toady One 
Fuijitsu Lifebook T4220Windows XP Tablet Edition 2005SP3
0001163: Submerged trees can be swam through, block LOS, and are invisible with SHOW_FLOW_AMOUNTS:YES
Floating fungiwood blocks line of sight of an adventurer and is invisible in water when [SHOW_FLOW_AMOUNTS:YES] is enabled, unless you [l]ook at it.
Set [SHOW_FLOW_AMOUNTS:YES] go looking around in underground muddy water and you will find some tiles don't seem to respect line of sight. This is fungiwood.

I am not entirely sure the fungiwood is suppose to block line of sight the way it does as you can swim right through a tile with the stuff in it.
I set this as a tweak with no priority as the game is quite playable without any change. Line of sight just looks weird when swimming underground as an adventurer with no immediately obvious reason as to why.
CLOSE THIS, Fixed in 0.40.01?, init.txt, underground, water
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2010-04-14 14:33   
"Floating" fungiwood? Is it a sapling or full-grown?
2010-04-14 14:44   
Forgive me, I am assuming it is floating(it makes more sense to me) but it is not listed as a sapling when I [l]ook at it, all it says is "Muddy Fungiwood". With [SHOW_FLOW_AMOUNTS:NO] the double tidal symbol of a water tile flashes white occasionally. This also appears to be the case with Tower-Caps in water(I didn't even know they could grow that way). I can swim through the tile but line of sight is blocked and they are invisible if show flow amounts is on.

Again, this is a really minor thing, it just bugged me a bit that they were invisible.
2010-04-14 15:01   
That probably means it's full-grown. It's weird that it lets you swim through them, too.
Khym Chanur   
2010-04-15 20:28   
You can't swim through them if you're drowning, though.
2010-09-29 10:40   
The ability to swim through submerged trees may be related to 0003327.
2014-07-27 13:06   
Tested in the arena, doesn't happen anymore. You can pass through the submerged trees and they are visible even with [SHOW_FLOW_AMOUNTS:YES]
2014-07-27 13:51