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0011630Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Interface, Managerpublic2020-09-23 03:182020-09-23 03:24
PC x64Windows10 Pro x64
0011630: Missing trait for ashery work order conditions
Missing trait 'lye-containing item' in work order conditions for 'Make lye' and 'Make potash from lye' ashery tasks.
1 Go to Work Orders screen ('u', 'm');
2 add work order 'Make lye';
3 go into conditions for added work order;
4 add item condition ('a');
5 go to traits of added condition ('t');
6 type 'lye' to filter traits.

Trait 'lye-containing item' isn't listed and therefore can not be added.
Normally, lye is a liquid so it can be stored only in containers (e.g. buckets), so, in order to track amount of lye available via manager's orders, player should use trait 'lye-containing items' with blank item template.
The trait is available in, for example, conditions for 'Make soap from ...' tasks. But, this trait is not available in ashery tasks, therefore it's not directly possible to track amount of lye to prevent overproduction or shortage of lye.
Player could use chains of work orders (i.e. add a condition for completion of another task), but this excludes usage of lye that may be bought if occasionally being brought by traders.
0.47.04, manager, tasks
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