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0011633Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Moodspublic2020-10-09 18:192020-10-10 04:08
Knight Otu 
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Windows 7
0011633: Plant gatherer has mood while picking fruit on stepladder, unable to get down, destroys FPS
dwarf with the plant gathering job became possessed while on a stepladder picking fruit. Shortly after, FPS crashed. I noticed the possessed dwarf is still in the branches of the tree.
I don't know how to reproduce moods
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duplicate of 0008698confirmed Footkerchief Dwarf entering a strange mood when isolated (e.g. on a stepladder) causes severe lag 
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Uploading the save to DFFD and providing a link to it here would allow the problem to be examined.

If you're using DFHack you can try to teleport the dorf sideways to drop to the ground, in the hope he'll immediately make a beeline for a workshop. If you don't use DFHack you can try to order the tree felled, using the maximum priority (assuming "FPS crashed" isn't a literal crash, but "just" the FPS plummeting).
Knight Otu   
2020-10-10 04:08   
This is a duplicate of 0008698. Please do upload a save at the DFFD (or another site where you can guarantee it will remain available), and post a link to it at that issue.