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0011639Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Moodspublic2020-10-17 21:522020-10-18 01:23
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0011639: Dwarf got a strange mood at the same time (Same tick?) as military training starts. Dwarf pacing in room, not claimed workshop.
A dwarf had a strange mood at the same time as he was scheduled to start military training using the schedule. The dwarf went to her room and started pacing. She has not claimed a workshop. Currently walling off room as to stop possible rampage. The dwarf turned into an axedwarf as well when training started. Unassigned from squad. Turned into civilian. Most likely will die of starvation/dehydration.
Assign dwarf to scheduled millitary training, and somehow get a mood to trigger at the same time(tick?) as the dwarf is scheduled to train.
This was a few mood if that matters. Will update if the dwarf dies/anything else happens.
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2020-10-17 23:11   
Dwarf has now gone stark raving mad.
2020-10-18 01:23   
Did you verify that there actually existed a reachable workshop of the type required by the mood?

Regardless, this report is unlikely to be of much use without the save being available for investigation.