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0011642: Dwarf has incorrect arrival date in profile
There's a citizen in this fort, who did NOT arrive in the migrant wave of 21st of Hematite, 128, yet her profile says that she did. Dwarf Therapist seems to agree. I don't know when she did arrive, however.

The dwarf in question is Adil Estunadil, "Boundwalled", Marksdwarf. She has been in the fort for enough time to have a significant amount of thoughts, as well as a large amount of experience from military training, which is simply not possible if she arrived this recently. Furthermore, she has been assigned to a squad, but I didn't assign any dwarves from that migrant wave to any squad.
https://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=15282 [^]
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I just noticed it also says she has a personality change from an event in 126, two years before the supposed arrival date.

Edit: There are many more dwarves with incorrect arrival dates. Upon closer inspection, it appears all of them are in squads that I have sent on a pillaging mission once. However, that mission was much longer ago. I have not sent any other missions, and no dwarves in these squads have *correct* arrival dates.

So I can rewrite this report as "Dwarves who have been on a mission will have their arrival date reset".