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0011645Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Raidspublic2020-11-06 00:152020-11-08 20:29
highmajorhave not tried
0011645: Dwarves disapear as if they never existed after they was killed in raid or killed an enemy.
I sent 3 troops in raid.
The report is that one my dwarf was killed by enemy (purple text) and 3 other dwarfs (from two different squads) got 3 kills (blue text).
After return to the fortress there are no possibility to engrave memorial plate for dead drawf and 2 other dwarfs from my swordmans squad an 1 dwarf from spearmans squad - dissapeared permamently like as they never exists.
Dwarfs who have no kills are OK.

It looks like code links dead enemies with the dwarfs who killed them and delete all linked creatures from the history.

Similar issue 0010677: Dead raid dwarves treated as if they never existed
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2020-11-06 02:04   
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I'm partaly wrong in upper description. I checked dwarf names one more time and realised that they are not disapear (except dead one Noble dwarf), but have a "wrong" names in raid details. All dwarf last names are in English translation (for example Zondetes was Helmram in log).
So there are two problems: issue 0010677 and wrong names of dwarfs in raid log.

2020-11-06 02:22   
one more clue: all fights was in one location of raid (Tometone) and only dead dwarf was strucked down on another location (The Ocean of Marking) in the middle of log (before and after that all fights was in Tometone)
2020-11-08 13:55   
another raid, another location and another strange disappeared (struck down by the enemy) dwarf in the middle of log in the Ocean between my fortress and raid location. it looks like dwarf was hardly wounded and died on the way back, but i dont know how to check it.
2020-11-08 20:29   
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Can you upload a save file to DFFD? That usually helps it get figured out faster.