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0011648Dwarf FortressFirepublic2020-11-13 17:112020-11-13 17:50
0011648: Large quantities of adamantine coins causes trade depot to burst into flame
Used trade depot to turn 500 stacks of coins into individual stacks of 1, designated melt:

https://i.redd.it/is7jg9nod3z51.png [^]

Upon returning to the game and unpausing, trade depot immediately catches fire. Will attempt to upload a save but the best I'll be able to do is a few weeks prior to the caravan showing up, with all of the requisite materials not at the depot or flagged for trade.
1) Wait for caravan to show up
2) Use the bring goods to depot screen to search "adamantine coins" (important that coins is plural, single stacks already exist) and trade all, and bring at least 50 masterwork steel battle axes to the depot as well. Wait for everyone to finish bringing the stuff there. I recommend fastdwarf.
3) Use a macro to buy one thing at a time from the merchant and overpay with 10 coins from each of the stacks. Something must be bought, it can't be just offered, but even if it only costs 5 the coins are still re-buyable.
4) Once all coins are in stacks of 10, use autohotkey or similar external macro program to record an in-game macro of 229 "trade one coin" keystrokes, in order to c-u 99 c-p (98 the first time) and trade one of each stack, with a single macro. 5 master steel battleaxes will comfortably buy back one of each stack of coins, needs to be done 10x.
5) Unpausing with >220k adamantine coin items causes a massive fire to break out. It's possible that an item I bought from the merchants caused the fire, but it seemed that the fire was coming from multiple places at the same time and I saw no items that I would think would do this. I only buy bars, weapons, codexes and scroll copies, food, and gems.
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Savegame from start of month before the caravan I used arrives.

https://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=15300 [^]