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0011650: Game crashes once selected on load fortress screen
Every time I try to load my save game it crashes once selected on the load fortress screen, the world doesn't even begin to load. It was running on DF42.12 with DFHack 0.44.12-r2 fine for months but I downloaded Armok viewer v0.21.0 this morning, opened my world once, saved the world and exited. When i went to reload it, the game crashes. I've tried loading up other forts and they work fine, however the save file that was used with armok viewer will not load. I've tried downloading DF again and loading it on there to no avail.
1) using DF 42.12 with DFHack0.44.12-r2 and Armok viewer 0.21.0 load a save and view on Armok viewer.
2) save and exit game, exit out of DF window and open the game again.
3) Load save viewed in Armok vewer.
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Can you upload the save? Does this issue reproduce if you start without DFHack?

Bugs that are caused by third-party utilities are unfortunately not fixable by DF. If that does turn out to be the cause, you should report it to the relevant utility maintainers instead.