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0011663: Internal body parts with certain tags can still wear clothing & armor, without being otherwise accessible
The [INTERNAL] token does not override the ability to wear armor/clothing on a body part that other tokens give it.

A creature can equip and remove clothing to [INTERNAL] body parts, and will automatically be assigned gear on those body parts as normal, if those internal parts also happen to have [HEAD], [UPPERBODY] and/or [LOWERBODY] tokens.

For example, an [INTERNAL] body part that also possesses the [HEAD] tag - for example, of a creature intended to be able to wear headgear, but not intended to need its head to survive - will still be assigned headgear in adventurer mode. The creature can freely wear/remove gear from it without the part needing to be exposed.
Attach the following body part definition to any default humanoid, and start as one in adventure mode. The equipment menu should automatically populate with duplicate clothing items, despite the part being [INTERNAL].

        [THOUGHT] -- the central core of the body
The reason this would come up to begin with lies in the dual purpose of the [HEAD], [UPPERBODY] and [LOWERBODY] tokens.

The first function they serve is determining wearables for the body part.
But they also control a creature's death - if a creature had one or more parts with the [HEAD] token, and loses the last of them, it dies, regardless of remaining [THOUGHT] parts.

This makes it difficult to create a creature that can wear headgear, trousers etc, but whose survival isn't reliant on those body parts.

Adding redundant [HEAD], [UPPERBODY] and [LOWERBODY] tokens to the actual center of [THOUGHT] makes the other parts expendable, but even if that important part is marked as [INTERNAL], the creature can still equip clothing there - and comes into being wearing duplicate hats, trousers etc. wherever clothing is assigned automatically.

There does not seem to be any other workaround for the dual nature of these tokens.
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