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0011667Dwarf FortressCivilizations/Entities -- Generalpublic2021-01-01 01:582021-12-09 13:48
0011667: Neutral bandit civ castles can't allocate forced overseer's
Bandit castle holdings can be taken over in fortress mode, but do not leave a competent squad member behind when the site is later called upon, but still establishes a economic link for messengers to operate within.

A lack of a forced overseer generated for the site means that w.g entities can't properly conquer it either, leading to prolonged stalemates and re-engaged one sided battles against meagre bandit forces which replenish from non-historical bodies allocated by [BANDITRY:NUM] on a given entity.

The entire party of the dispatched squad can be recalled from the site afterwards with a messenger. Any other beings remain on site still presumably operating as bandits.
Generate a world, enter legends mode and watch for details of 20th~ pillaging of a particular place, and view to see if it is a bandit holding, which is often the case.

When save i had in mind is uploaded, take and attack with intent to demand surrender and occupy the goblin castle brightarrows (of the carnality of ruthlessness) upon the same tile the fortress is founded upon using the 4 man strong "Caves of Standing" military squad.

After this task is complete, notice lack of overseer messeage and recall entire squad by using a messenger allocated from the 'L'ocations screen.

Generalist advice for your own fortress mode session would be the same steps, then cross reference the dwarf doing the conquering beheading action by looking into 'k'ills after recalling them back to you co-ordinating with the mission report log.
Save Pending

Removing all [BANDITRY:NUM] values on the entity-default.txt fixes this problem in entirety and they're repopulated with mercenaries instead.
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Here's the save & a summary of the details from additional analysis. I attempted again to conquer the site with a occupation, (which the save is preceeding the action to demonstrate its reproducibility) but a alternate direct occuption this time and astruk ghoulchambers is the only named person to defend. It was unsuccessful and i tried again to demand surrender, they complied and were executed to the same result as the issue report but with another dwarf claiming the kill and still no overseer.

Cross referencing this with legends mode, Astruk is also the "overlord" of the site as the civs only holding and sole historical survivor of three elven army attacks for a ongoing war, adding proof to my statements about w.g armies being unable to conquer them.

( https://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=15370 [^] )
2021-01-01 03:45   
Additional details to note:

Conquering a site relies on murdering the leader, but there are other cases where the leader may have fled or was enslaved that leads to alternate w.g stalemates, not to be confused but related with the original issue that others cannot negotiate in their stead.

Bandit civs arent included on the 'c' screen detail of civilizations and are only trackable from the civilization overmap screen. Without a overseer to install a [CONQUERED_SITE] status, it is natural to assume that the seized castle has been instantaenously assimilated into my civilization.
2021-12-09 13:48   
Just had this happen by a extreme in a modded game (details on dffd page) to a order of mercenaries ("The Bent Knives"), connected to the original issue by the fact they also own a keep as their only building resulting in 314 total pillagings of the same site ("Shoresides") by multiple nations and thust a lot of annoying army controller timewasting.

< https://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=15777 [^] >