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0011668Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Noblespublic2021-01-01 04:422021-01-01 05:00
0011668: Dwarf king abdictates to become commoner necromancer apprentice
Muthkat Silkilimush (Muthkat Hooddikes) dwarven king 1 - 74 (of 75 w.g generated years) living a reasonably boring existance fighting one sided alliance wars and throwing the entire kingdom's supplies in tossing festivals, until in the year of 46, gripped by their own vanity to defeat death they begin the pursuit of immortality until they are approached by necromancer Umci Soartrades in the year 74.

Afterwards they throw their title away to become a subordinate student and relocate to scorchtone, a tower with the other apprentices in waiting with no individual power.
Open save, open the 'age of myth' log to its first event, which is the crowning of Muthkat, now retroactively referred to as a necromancer.

Jumping to their personal character profile as monarch of the dwarf civ Mistem Mingkil "The Portal of Leopards", they express their interest in immortality and finally are approached by a tutor in seperate events years apart, leading them to depart for a apprenticeship in scorchtone.

In 'related entities' their title as king is superceded by their new membership and tuition. Starting a fortress mode save or crossreferencing the civ will show, Zon Usantirist("Zon Murderrims") maintains the throne as sole queen with no divorce or mention of her husband who she bore three children with.
Save Pending, just needs to be uploaded.
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Supplied save, additional interesting information in the cross analysis is that the means of the king's departure appears to have created the conditions of a silent divorce similar to 0011412

( https://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=15371 [^] )

The necromancer who approached Muthkat was themselves a network-pawn of a greater necromancer villian who has no engagement with muthkat personally and simply dispatches more agents to recruit sub-apprentices to their tower site.
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The villian release makes a particularly large point about plots and positional power but fails to address this particular facet of corruption wherein they can't because the technicality requires the necromancers to operate from humble & covert beginnings.

The necromancer monarch therefore cannot figuratively 'flip the switch' to experiment on their own people, raise the dead and start enacting upon necromantic like world domination plans like a throne plotter can destablize a site government.