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0011670Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Stockpilespublic2021-01-07 20:462021-01-09 01:58
Knight Otu 
Macbook Pro 2017Mac Os10.14.6 (18G103)
0011670: Custom settings for stockpiles cause them to not to be stocked.
For example, when designating a stockpile with a custom settling that only permits goblets dwarves will never stock it with goblets. It will still get a bin but dwarves will rather not stock goblets than stock that pile. This seems to be a general issue with custom setting stockpiles. I always just make several piles with generic settings to avoid this.
1. Create a stockpile that only permits goblets
2. Make goblets
3. Observe that the stockpile might get a bin but will never get goblets.
If a stockpile has custom settings that permit a food item it will get a barrel.
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Knight Otu   
2021-01-08 01:12   
Please upload a save to the DFFD ( dffd.bay12games.com/ ) that demonstrates this issue and post a link to it here. I personally have a lot of custom stockpiles in my active fortress that work completely fine.
2021-01-08 01:16   
Specific to goblets? They can end up queued to be placed in location containers(boxes/bags), but when they're free they should be going to your stockpile if its unlinked or specifically linked to the workshop they're produced at.

A save would be helpful in determining the cause, but anecdotally any number of things may be personal to your playstle stopping this from operating.
2021-01-08 01:19   
The forums is a better place to ask beginner questions regarding stockpiles or beginner hurdles, i can vouch my custom stockpiles work just fine. Your method also makes no mention of criteria (material ei - wood goblets and quality ei - well made wood goblets) and this would be one reason why objects may not be being filtered if its solely sorted by object type, as DF doesn't filter no criteria to mean 'all'.
2021-01-08 03:37   
It can be noted that if you have a tavern that has a container your goblets will be assigned to the tavern until it's fully stocked before any are sent to a stockpile (and it's really a waste of time sending goblets to stockpiles as dorfs will pick them up, carry them to the drinks stockpile, drink, and drop them. It's less work if the next dorf picks up the goblet in the drink stockpile, rather than having someone carry it to the stockpile before a dorf picks it up there to get a drink [the same logic applies to toys, as kids drop toys where they happen to be when they're finished playing]).
2021-01-08 23:55   
No, it's not specific to goblets. When I have a custom food stockpile that only allows drinks or only non-drinks it never gets stocked. I will make a save.
2021-01-09 00:01   
I just tried to reproduce it by making a custom finished goods stockpile that only permits goblets. It is getting stocked with splints and articles of clothing. Should I upload this one?
Knight Otu   
2021-01-09 01:15   
It might help to see how you're setting up the stockpiles, yes.
2021-01-09 01:58   
Since you think you've set the stockpile up to only permit goblets but get other things in it you definitely do something wrong when defining the stockpile criteria, so I agree with Knight Otu.