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0011679Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Townpublic2021-01-26 09:062021-01-26 11:25
0011679: Dwarven forts sometimes generate incorrectly in a way witch breaks the game in adventure mode
Sometimes you spawn inside the fortress, on one of the underground floors, but it seems that in some occasions somewhere near the fortress they will generate a "bubble" section. This "bubble section" might be a few floors deep, sometimes contains hatches and stairs to nowhere, some living rooms might have a missing wall, but most notably (the reason why I write this report) there is no way out of them. you might sometimes hear dwarfs laughing, talking, drinking and generally having fun while you die out of boredom in an isolated and uninhabited part of the fortress.
1)Download and install the game
2)Create a world
3)Start playing (in Adventure mode)
4)I always choose human outsider, but maybe it works correctly with other origins
5)Chose to start adventure in dwarven Fortress
6)Pray The Lady Misfortune so that this pesky thing occurs

I think of 3 possible ways of fixing this:
1)You always start outside, near the fortress, on ground level, on [SOIL] or similar type tile
2)Fixing generation obviously
3)(Both recommended and not)Allowing the player to mine and break stuff like walls and if player has heavy, blunt weapon, pickaxe or race witch has creature token [BUILDINGDESTROYER:value] the process will be faster or slower.
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Yet another duplicate of 0006541.